Graduation Day

I just want to give everyone a quick update on Chuckles and to thank all of you for your concern and well-wishes these last few months. On September 15th Chuckles completed his 20th radiation treatment and “graduated” from the program. He was given this sportyimg_2789 red neckerchief to wear to celebrate his accomplishment.

(I was hoping they would give me one of their “My Dog Goes to N.C. State” proud parent t-shirts but no such luck.) img_2785

We have been home a week now and trying to settle back into a daily routine and to pick up where we left off before July 19th when all this started. The doctors have told me that the next 5 months are the most critical as the brain tumor will continue to die. After this period, Chuckles’s prognosis is quite good and statistically there is hope for a long and healthy life.

I can’t say enough good things about the doctors, technicians and staff at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine. The care and compassion they give their patients is unsurpassed. I hope they will treat me if I ever become critically ill! img_2779Before we left I gave all of his care givers a sweet reminder of Chuckles. Do you remember this candy? 

One side note….. while in Raleigh during this crazy time I continued to work toward completing my CD which will be released next month. Watch for an update and sneak peak very soon!




Chuckles Check Up

Okay, so Chuckles has now received 12 radiation treatments at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine and he is doing great. Only 8 more to go! Which is a good thing because I am going crazy living at the Ramada Inn. I am making the best of the situation though. I have been able to visit with old friends and still manage to get some of my writing done.


Chuckles with his Oncologist, Dr. Tracy Gieger

Speaking of writing…..I have been busy this week compiling all of my song lyrics, notes, credits, and thanks for my cd. Tomorrow I will meet with FJ to begin work on the cd packaging design. Still hoping to have product in hand by the end of October….I’ll keep you posted on my progress. What I have heard of the final mixes sounds great!