It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween

At the Botanical Gardens
Enjoying the warm sunshine and a glass of wine at the vineyard in the Botanical Gardens

Last weekend I spent a day at the Botanical Gardens with my new friend, and fellow-teacher, Sybil. Coincidentally, Sybil is from South Carolina so we automatically have a lot in common! The weather has just been spectacular here in Prague for weeks, so I have taken every advantage of it by spending most of my free time in the outdoors. I have heeded the warnings of everyone that when November comes, it will be cloudy and cold most days. But this particular Sunday could not have been more perfect! See for yourself.

Tonight Sybil and I are going to do Halloween right- we are going on a ghost tour of Old Town including the old Jewish ghetto and cemetery. The cemetery dates back to the first half of the 15th century. Approximately 12,000 tombstones have been counted here, but about 100,000 people are buried here! I will share more about the old Jewish ghetto of Prague in a later post. I can’t think of a better place to see a ghost, can you?!

Happy Halloween from Prague

14 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween

  1. What a great way to spend Halloween! The photos are amazing. A ghost tour of the Old Town sounds fascinating – plenty of ghosts in that deep, rich history! Happy Halloween!


  2. That garden looks beautiful. Is it the city botanical garden or at Charles University? I will be taking a tour next spring and Prague is included. I’ll have enough free time during some days so I can visit some of the places I have on my “want to see” list. I added a botanical garden to that list.

    So much for you to explore and enjoy in Prague. I assume you will be going to the Christmas markets in Prague and surrounding cities. I sure would be if I were there.


  3. Beautiful place. Is this the city botanical garden or the one at Charles University? Either way, it’s another place added to my list of what I want to see when I come back to Prague.


  4. Loved the Halloween update! Several years ago, I went to Prague with a Jewish friend (and others). The old Jewish quarter, and especially the cemetery, were among the most memorable sites we visited on that trip .Linda De Shaw


  5. Happy Birthday Penny! NOV 10th!
    Thanks for all the lovely photos. I’ve been to Prague several times and it’s a wonderful place.
    Hugs, Shere


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