About Me

I hope that in time you will feel like you know me through my writing but until then, it would seem helpful  to say a few things about myself by way of introduction.

I’m equal parts Bohemian and Freethinker. My artistic side has me makiIMG_2183ng music on piano and guitar when I’m not blogging. I believe that less is more most of the time. It’s best to keep your possessions few in case you want to make like a gypsy and move on.

Although extremely extroverted, I am also a contemplative analytic who needs a lot of quiet time for reading and studying. Then I need to process it all in my journal. Contrary to convention, the older I get, the more flexible and open minded I become. I don’t want my beliefs dictated to me. That’s the Freethinker in me.

The various jobs I’ve held reflect a gypsy’s wanderings but have provided my life with a great diversity of experiences and people. I have been a travel agent, Spanish teacher, hospital chaplain, environmental educator, ghost tour guide, and paralegal, just to name a few.

For those who like to know about credentials, I have a Batchelor of Arts from UNC at Chapel Hill and a Master of Divinity from Campbell University.