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“As an advanced ESL student residing in the United States, I found it difficult to find the right resources to bring my English skills to the next level. A lot of the free ESL classes available in my community were not challenging enough. Yet, I knew my English skills needed significant improvement in order to effectively communicate with native English speakers in America.

Among the numerous English teachers I’ve met in America, Penny stands out. Penny shines my vocabulary and expressions a lot. Whenever she introduces a new word, she tries very hard to teach her students its synonyms and the correct context in which the word must be used.

Penny also stands out in that she tries to teach American culture along with the English language. She teaches her students about American history, current events, and American cuisine. She isn’t afraid to use any medium necessary to relay the information as efficiently as possible whether it be YouTube, her guitar, her pet, and even her friend. If you learn from Penny, not only would you gain an amazing teacher, but also a true friend.”  ______ Jiyeon   Seoul, Korea

When I came to the U.S. I had too many expectations. I wanted to work in the same field I have experience in, but I didn’t feel secure enough to accept the challenge. That’s when I met Miss Penny. She is an amazing teacher who gave me the knowledge class by class, and in that way I was losing my fear to communicate. I was beginning to understand most of the situations  I experienced. She is kind and loves to teach.
Now, thanks to her, I am continuing to learn and I feel everytime more secure with my communications skills. I got the job I wanted, and I am making more friends.
Learning a new Idiom opens doors too! Always be open minded to opportunities.
________ Fernando  from Ecuador

We are an elderly couple from Ukraine. In our native country we graduated with the Master’s Degree diplomas, Maya in physics and Samariy in engineering. During our long life, we learned from many teachers, and in the Literacy Council we were taught English by many good teaches and we can compare.

In our opinion, Ms. Penny is a very good teacher. She can create a joyful atmosphere in the classroom, which allows each student to open up and show their strengths. She will always come to the rescue, correct English pronunciation, and answer any question. Ms. Penny has a very rich English vocabulary. Answering our questions, even those that do not deal with problems of the English language, she will definitely pay attention to expressions and give examples of synonyms. She is well educated and interested in world events. It is very important for us that she knows the history and geography of the United States well and is happy to share this with students. She is glad to tell students about cultural events in our region, and it is always very interesting. Ms. Penny is a creative person, author of beautiful songs that she performs under her own guitar accompaniment. 

We are grateful to the Literacy Council for having found such a wonderful teacher.

_____________  Maya Grushko & Samariy Kogan, Odessa Ukraine


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