War In Ukraine

Dear Readers, it has been too long since my last update. The good news is that I have been extremely busy. The bad news is that there is a war on the European continent. It feels like it’s next door, but Ukraine is 700 miles away from Prague. The mood here is a combination of disbelief, anger, and horror. There have been numerous protests and an amazing rallying of support for the Ukrainian people- beginning with the Czech government issuing rapid visas, work permits, and offering free healthcare, to the Czech citizenry opening their homes, raising millions of dollars, and basically providing every possible resource you can imagine. Over 100,00 refugees have made it into Czechia so far and more are coming.

I too feel compelled to act. Although my flat is small, and I can only offer a sofa for a bed, I will be welcoming a young Ukrainian woman and her two chihuahuas into my home this evening! She is arriving by train after departing from a refugee camp in Lubaczow, Poland at 8:00 this morning. I don’t know much about her other than that her name is Natasha and she does freelance work as a 3D animator. She texts me that she brings only her dogs, a backpack and a bag. I don’t know anything about her family situation, but of course, there will be plenty of time to learn all of that. If she allows it, I will share her journey with you.

Until then- thanks for reading and as always, I love to hear from you.

12 thoughts on “War In Ukraine

  1. So good to hear from you, Penny. I hope and pray that you and Natasha will be a blessing to each other. What a privilege to be able to reach out to her and provide safety and comfort. Two Kiev singers stayed with us years ago, and we thoroughly enjoyed their visit. They sang with an excellent choir and orchestra from Kiev. Sending hugs, love and prayers.


  2. Penny
    Why does it not surprise me that you are helping shelter someone from Ukraine? I know you will bring her comfort, and enjoy her dogs too! Thank you for opening your heart and home.


  3. Hi Penny, I am not a great fan of Facebook, so I am posting here. I am so shocked about what is happening in Europe and so proud of you for helping out. I know for sure Chuckles would be telling the two chihuahuas how cool you are. Keep us posted about your new friend. Hugs from Joyce and Simon 💕


  4. How great to read that you will be sharing your home with a Ukrainian refuge! It will surely be comforting for her to be safe in Prague with you. I looked at a map and was surprised that a part of Slovakia borders Ukraine, and of course Poland shares a larger border with Ukraine. Unsettling times and I would think that older Czechs might remember well the soviet invasion of Prague in 1968. It is heartening to hear of the support for Ukraine by the Czech people, and by individuals like you.


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