Meet Natasha

Natasha and her two dogs, Jimmy and Mark, came to live with me on March 10th. They fled their home in Kharkiv, Ukraine about one week after the Russian invasion began on February 24th. Natasha speaks English fluently and is a freelance, 3-D animator who creates NFT’s. She has been able to do her work from my home as she settles into life here in Prague and begins the long process of finding a place of her own.

Today is Orthodox Easter and so Natasha got up early this morning to dye eggs and make this beautiful Easter feast for us to enjoy.

Rental prices in Prague have greatly increased while the available options of rental properties has decreased in recent months. This was already the trend but the problem has been exacerbated by the influx of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians into the city. So, for the time being, Natasha will continue to be my guest. Thank you to my good friends back in the States who have pledged money to help Natasha get reestablished here. It takes a village and that’s no lie.

Thanks to all of my readers and I will keep you posted on Natasha’s progress and events here.

4 thoughts on “Meet Natasha

  1. So grateful you have opened your heart and home to Natasha. I feel so sorry and pray for the people of Ukraine. Unbelievable that these atrocities are occurring in 2022. May God continue to bless you guys and the fur babies.
    Love you 💕


  2. I am so glad this popped up on my FB timeline! First, I am just happy to hear from you. Then, I am so proud that you are helping another human in such a time of turmoil and heartbreak. Especially taking her in with her fur babies. I can’t imagine what a relief it has to be for your new little family to be together under the care of your good heart.


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