Friendsgiving With a Czech Twist

As I write this, you, my North America readers, are just waking up on this Sunday, the last day of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I hope you enjoyed a time of joy, relaxation, and good food. It is snowing today, for the first time here in the city, although snow has already fallen in the mountains. That damn Virus is consuming the news again as numbers in Europe climb high once more. We are not in a “lockdown” but the closing of the Christmas markets around the city has put a major dent in everyone’s Christmas spirit. Nonetheless, I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving feast at The Globe.

“Founded in 1993, the Globe Bookstore and Café is Prague’s first and best English language bookstore with a lively and trendy café…. The Globe Bookstore is expat Prague’s literary epicenter that provides a unique meeting place for artists, writers, students and travelers. ” 

When I arrived at noon on Thursday, I was the first guest. Soon after, another single woman, Kristýna arrived and I invited her to join me. Kristýna is a Czech native who sought out a “traditional Thanksgiving meal” in Prague after her English teacher taught her about the American holiday. How lucky for me that both The Globe and Kristýna were there!

While I was enjoying all of this delicious food, my good friend, and fellow teacher, Sybil, was back home in South Carolina with her family for Thanksgiving. She shared these beautiful photos with me of autumn in the countryside near her hometown. So like North Carolina, they really resonate with my heart.

Well, like the Dan Fogelberg song says, the snow here has turned to rain. Time to work on some lesson plans for next week and have a Czech lesson, or maybe just a lazy Sunday afternoon nap. Whatever you do this day, make it pleasurable.

10 thoughts on “Friendsgiving With a Czech Twist

  1. Penny, I’m always happy to hear from you. The weather is wonderful here, cold, but beautiful. Your pictures help me enjoy your new life with you. Have a relaxing afternoon! Love you! Phyllis


  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Penny. It looks like life is good for you! Keep posting, I like to hear about your new life across the pond! Stay well and enjoy!


  3. I would love to see snow falling in Prague! Too bad the Christmas markets will not open this year, everyone had hoped this virus would be behind us by now. I’m glad you got to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner, it looks delicious!


  4. I love that another woman joined you for Thanksgiving dinner. And a Czech native with whom you can practice your Czech language and she her English language. I hope you will be meeting up from time to time. I hate snow here at home but would gladly deal with it to live in Prague. I think the snow is so beautiful in Prague. Just like a fairytale with all those beautiful very old buildings. Enjoy your life in Prague and Czech Republic.


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